The concept of apartment buildings dates back to 1860 with the construction of world’s very first
apartment structure at the Union Square, New York. Today, more than eighty percent of the
population of forty-three percent countries lives in purpose-built flats, high rise condos and
Apartment living is grabbing attention in Pakistan too. This is mainly because the people have
already tried houses, villas and farmhouses at greater expansion of land. The agricultural land
has been replaced with the housing. Apartment living saves green lands and supports protection
of the environment with special connection to increasing population of the world. SQ-99 Mall &
Apartments in Bahria Town Lahore is the latest version of modern day luxury apartment living.
Ali Saqlain has gone one step ahead in promoting quality living by offering world-class apartments
embedded with amenities of the international standard. The materials and accessories used in
the development of studio and executive apartments at upper floors of SQ-99 have been brought
from different origins to give the residents a global feel and freedom of mind.
SQ-99 Apartments present soothing views of the lush park, Eiffel Tower Replica and a parallel
view of the organized commercial and residential zones. The corridors of the apartments are
sound-proof to maintain a sequence of peace and silence. Separate elevators for guests and
cargos do not compromise over speed and continuous functioning.
The layout of the apartments supports different ideas for interior designing. Sitting in the terraces
of a SQ-99’s corner apartment, with a cup of coffee in hands, is good to manage physical and
mental fatigue. This is how SQ-99 offers the best studio apartments in Bahria Town Lahore.
From kitchen to dining and bedrooms to wash areas, everything has been fitted with the finest
accessories having flawless performance and longer life. Ceilings of the executive apartments are
The mall shops in SQ-99 are tailor-made at the standard, corner and lobby facing locations. An
affordable down payment can put the investors on the road to earning remarkable returns in
near future. The temperature controlled walkways and lobbies offer easy movements from all
corners of SQ-99 Mall & Apartments.
Around 100 commercial shops have been designed to meet the needs of top brands in food,
clothing, jewelries, cosmetics, electronics, shoes, bags and general accessories. The good thing
for investors is that they can book the shops now and can rent out to the known brands for
regular rental incomes for life.
With an expected rate of five thousand visitors per day, the project is ready to present the biggest
commercial show in the town with considerable economic volume of activity throughout the

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